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getting over it game
getting over it game

Getting over it  How to play?

how to play getting over it has gained a lot of popularity due to carryminati's incident of broking the monitor and I will tell you how to play getting over it. Getting over it is a game whose principal to show is a failure.

How To Play getting Over It Game?

  •  Hello, welcome to my guide/walkthrough on Getting Over It The hemmer is a very precise tool, which can latch on to all kinds of objects After latching on you can pull yourself towards and onto the objects by moving the mouse towards your guy Bennett Foddy.
  • This move right here is very important, you use it to jump over objects or reach onto a point  To do it you simply position the hammer below your pot and pull down with your mouse
  • Push off the floor, and do consecutive full swings in order to get up
  • Push off the log in order to latch-up higher. This move will reoccur throughout the whole game
  • Position your push off the rock in such a way that you can quickly latch your hammer into the inner rock above you.
  • Keep doing combos until you reach the rock below the chimney Be careful not to push to the right otherwise you’re back at the start
  • position yourself on top of the rock-like so Push yourself off the rock quickly move your hammer to the right so it latches on the first lamp.
  • Pull yourself towards the lamp so you rest on it, then latch onto the top of the cliff and pull up towards it again and rest on it.
  • Angle your pot like so, push down in the same manner and latch onto the top of the other cliff.
  • The swing towards the fridge on the bottom of the tower.
  • DO full swings in successive motions utile you get to the top.
  • Reach for the other railing and shimmy across.
  • Place your pot on the cement block and carefully get your hammer off the rail.
  • Make your way to the bottom of the slide. (I'm not telling the skip, might be too difficult) Plus you miss content:)
  • Climb up the slide as you did the tower, when you reach the rake hang onto it and do a full swing Land the hammer on the slide and pull towards yourself to get on it
  • Get on the Climb up the slide as you did the tower, when you reach the rake hang onto it and do a full swing Land the hammer on the slide and pull towards yourself to get on it a ball and push yourself to the boxes
  • Push yourself off the edge, try to get your hammer stuck on the edges during the fall. The end goal is to slow down enough to hit the edge of the boxes and pull yourself on top of them.
  • Tilt yourself at an angle on the edge of the boxes like in picture, push off and dig your hammer to the edges of the stairs Quickly hit the other side of the wall and alternate this motion to get up.
  • Push yourself onto the camera, than from there on to the side of  the couch From the couch do half swings to the small chair on the top:
  • angle yourself on the couch like so, push your self on to the edge of the box. Don't make wide swings like earlier, this part was designed to get you stuck on the edges. Just play it slow
  • Make your way across the gap..slowly
  • Push the orange off and situate yourself on top of the table.
  • Push yourself slightly (I said slightly) off the table like so and land your hammer on the side of the rock. Pull yourself onto it slowly.
  • Climb yourself up very slowly until you get to this edge like so. When you do, just stop.
  • Angle yourself like so, try to get as close as possible.

getting over it unblocked
getting over it unblocked

  • Push down hard from that angle! Latch onto the edge of those rocks above you! BE CONFIDENT or you will waste a lot of time here.
  • Angle yourself like this. Push down again to reach the head.
  • Rest on the lion head, push down like earlier and get to the finger. Rest on the finger again.
  • Jumpscare here. Mute the game.
  • Angle yourself like so again, push off slowly and slide the hammer down onto that edge sticking out
  • Angle yourself like so again, push off slowly and slide the hammer down onto that edge sticking out
  • Get over the church roof, and congrats! You are finally safe. Make your way over the rocks.
  • Get to the next point
  • Get up to this spot, and angle yourself like so. Push up to get to that ledge. I am still a bit iffy on this spot, but its basically trial and error with no risk.
  • Be careful the hat moves!
  • Get on the anvil, angle yourself like so and push down as hard as you can You have to grab onto the ledge up there.
  • Rest on this little spot, push up slightly like the orange and grab the ledge above.
  • Angle yourself again, and push to the rock on the left. There are four rocks, take your time and jump to each of them.
  • Rest on the rock like so, and push off to get to the other side.
  • Push down slightly and grab the edge above you
  • DO NOT RIDE SNAKE Position yourself, and push down slightly to hook onto the left side of the bucket.

getting over it speedrun
getting over it speedrun

  • Lower yourself a little bit once your on, and swing hard to the top like so Don't be afraid of the snake otherwise you'll never make it up
  • Tilt the pot towards the cliff, its a bit hard to do and scary but makes the jump a lot easier
  • Push down as you've done the whole game, facing towards the cliff. Don't be scared otherwise you won't make it
  • There is a notch here that you can grab onto if you don’t make it quite as far, otherwise just pull yourself up and face the ice wall
  • To climb the ice wall, you should look for these notches in the wall where the hammer digs in like this
  • There are several notches in the ice wall, where you have to pull up diagonally for the maximum air to get up
  • These two edges in picture, are a safe spot around the halfway point in the ice wall unless you push to the right this should be a good checkpoint

getting over it with bennett foddy
getting over it with Bennett foddy

Now sit on this edge with your pot like this and find the next notch
Pull up diagonally like earlier and keep looking for notches while trying to get the maximum air make sure to keep your hammer sticking to the wall so it can hook onto the notches
Once you reach this top-notch, pull up high enough to reach this flat part of the cliff and continue on!
With the radio tower, just have fun its like the earlier towers, do consecutive swings to get up. The only risk is pushing to the right, which results in falling back down the ice wall.
Once you're floating up you pretty much beat the game, but keep your movements tame, try to push up to process the ending sequence.

We hope it helps you.
Getting over it with bennett foddy is a plat former video game developed by bennett foddy the game was released as part of the October 2017 humble monthly, on October 6,2017 where it went on to be played by over 2.7 million players. A steam version of the game was later released by foddy on December 6,2017.