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Dr.Dolittle Full Movie
Dr Dolittle Full Movie

Dr DoLittle

We talk about one more animated movie we will see so much Awesome movies in 2020 especially Frozen 2 but we are not here a talk about Frozen movie we are talking about Dr Dolittle so let’s started.

Dr Dolittle Movie Review

We're talking Doolittle I need you all in the comments down below did you watch this movie did you enjoy it and were you looking forward to it and let's get into it so starring Robert Downey jr. and an abundance of other actors a physician discovers that he can talk to animals so literally everyone knows the talk going into this film was the fact that it was just unnecessary now don't get me wrong I like the idea that there is a fantasy element to this story and they're taking the character of dr. Doolittle in a completely different direction most people remember Eddie Murphy but that's not the only iteration of this character that we've seen so there have been multiple versions and this is just another one 

but that's the thing I enjoy the fact that they were taking it in that direction then we get the trailer and then we see a couple of things within the marketing and personally I wasn't really excited for this film the only thing that was bringing me into it was the cast which I thought was pretty cool I feel like they could have pushed certain actors a bit more on the marketing so I found that odd and then Robert Downey jr. Robert Downey jr. is one of my favourites in Hollywood man I love almost everything that the guy does and normally I love his performance regardless of how the film ends up being with the film like Doolittle I don't see this as a travesty I don't see this as a movie that no one will like no one will enjoy 

I actually think this will find its audience especially with younger kids younger children going out looking for a big grand fantasy adventure with a lot of recognizable voices and hey look it's Iron Man they could find that within this movie and find a pretty good film to grow up with loving mostly for nostalgic purposes when they look back when they're older but that's the kind of movie I see Doolittle Bing so it wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen but it's also just not a movie I can recommend to anyone over that age and here's the problem to get those kids in the theater 

the adults the parents have to be the ones to take them and I just see this as one that you're going to sit through because you have to roll your eyes half the time huff and puff your way through not that some won't find a met Adventure within there because I believe there is an essence of something that could have been but it's all about the execution with a movie like this and the January release date should have told us hold your horses maybe this isn't as good as some expected it to be and that's kind of confirmed once you're watching

 the sloppy messy poorly directed a not very good CGI filled film with awkward moments I'm talking some of the more cringe-worthy moments I've ever seen in a kids movie and not just because they're going the route of we have to appeal to kids so the jokes and the characters just screaming to the top of their lungs that may annoy the adults but will appeal to kids we're gonna do that consistently but it's also because they include some things in there and I'm just like this feels like it's pushing the boundaries and I talk about easy lazy jokes on 

 the entire film the moment with the dragon is one that I was talking about when I say well I guess a little awkward because this weird man I'm not gonna describe what goes on in that scene but he's strange strange and it just didn't fit with the tone that they were going for with a film like this 

you at least have to try to make the conversations intimate there were moments between the animals that I thought could lead somewhere and maybe build a bit of character within them but none of them stood out as oh that's a memorable character right every conversation they had with each other led to a joke that just wasn't that funny or it led to one screaming to the top of its lungs and it just kept getting more and more annoying and Doolittle you know we're talking to animals 

in this movie that's not a spoiler but Doolittle rarely has conversations with the animals they're always talking at him and he's just kind of walking through nodding his head or giving a very intense emotional speech where the music swells up and it tries to give you some sort of emotion it honestly felt like at times the scenes from Robert Downey jr. and this probably wasn't the case but it felt like they were recorded before they wrote the dialogue for the animals because it's like alright we have Robert Downey jr. scenes 

where he nods and shakes his head towards the  animals so let's just fill it with dialogue from famous human beings like Tom Holland and Kumail Nanjiani who have memorable voices and they're great actors but they just didn't do very much to enhance to amplify the plot that it was just one of the more simplistic plots I've ever seen we go here we go here we go here we go on the mission and it's over and you know exactly what's going to happen you know exactly how it's going to end there are no stakes for our characters and sure 

it's a mindless semi entertaining film for young kids but didn't you want a movie starring Robert Downey jr. that could take Doolittle in a new direction and start a franchise to do more than that I personally didn't necessarily expect it but I just wanted more from this film and also find it funny and it's true it does resemble a Disney movie it's not a Disney film but it feels like a messy Disney live-action adaptation but clearly this isn't based off of a prior animated film even though it's based off of source material but that's just the feeling I got and also the accent from Robert Downey jr. 

he did good in the film for what dialogue he was given but the choice the accent and the the constant whisper I mean all throughout the movie he's whispering just like um I don't know if I would have made that decision it was just an odd choice to me look guys I love Robert Downey jr. this is not a career-ending film for him I loved the concept of doolittle and the fact they try to take this in a different direction but at the end of the day I just I didn't think this movie did very much.

Original Storyline: This story is a previous specialist story who conversing with the creatures, A previous specialist goes to treating creatures as a result of his adoration for all animals. At the point when Doctor Dolittle finds he can speak with the creatures, he leaves on a fantastical experience.

Our thoughts about Movie storyline and some rumours

Hello everyone we are talking about Dr Dolittle movie in this movie we will see Robert Downey Jr main leading actor in this movie after the avenger's endgame we will see Rdj mean Robert Downey Jr we love him and respect, this movie will be releasing in next year 2020-January-17 the movie bugged is huge and in the voice giving cast we see so many popular Actors so let’s talk about Movie storyline, Dr.Dolittle is a doctor who loves with animals and one day he discovers he talking to the animals then he works and treatment very easily but people think he’s a crazy man but one day Queen Victoria becomes gravely ill, the doctor and his friends embark on an adventure to a mythical island to find the cure.

Movie Cast & Crew

Movie Releasing date : 17-January-2020.

Movie Category : Action & Adventure, Comedy, Animation, Family, drama.

This Movie Directed by: Stephen Gaghan.

Movie written by: Stephen Gaghan, John Whittington, Thomas Shepherd.

Movie produce by:  Susan Downey, Jeff Kirschenbaum, Joe Roth.

Movie production company: Rk Films, Team Downey.

Movie distribution company: Universal pictures.

Leading Actor: RDJ (Robert Downey Jr).

The voice giving Actors: Tom Holland(Jip), John Cena (Yoshi), Selena Gomez(Betsy), Ralph Fiennes(Barry), Rami Malek, Octavia Spencer(Dab-Dab), Kumail Nanjiani, Marion Cotillard(tutu), Antonio Banders(Rasouli), Craig Robinson(Fleming), Carmen Ejogo(Regine), Jim Broadbent, Frances de LA tour(Ginko-who-soars), Harry Collett, Jessie Buckley, Ralph Ineson.

Movie Bugged: 173 million dollars.

Language & Country: United States of America & language English.