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joker movie review
joker movie review

Joker is the Most popular villain Now A Day We are Sharing Some information about joker Movie Storyline

Our thoughts about the storyline:

Our thoughts about the storyline: joker was like a normal person living in Gotham city. he works very hard at the night he is a comedian and in the day he is a clown's job but in life, he faced so many problems and some bad people who behaved badly and also joker mother's sickness and admit in hospital Let him cure his illness we are thinking before the Arthur(joker) transformation maybe his mother die so joker decided and doing criminal activity actually joker is mentally disturbed and sick. He thinks Gotham city people are sick so joker decided to change the Gotham city people and may decide he participate in the election and doing some bad things.

Joker review in Hindi/Urdu

Joker Gotham city me rehny wala ek normal sa admi he Jo apni mom ke kehny per Gotham city me reh reha he or normal logo me ghulny milny k liy os ny khud ko clown ( joker) k bhass me dhala he ta k log osy jub b dekhy to vo muskuraty rehy lekin kuch log Arthur k sath Bora behavior apnaty he or osy Marty he lekin Arthur Kuch nehi kerta Ku k os ka manna he k os ke mom n osy zindagi me hassna sekhia he or isi se vo dunaya me tabdili la skta he Arthur ke mom ke tabyat b thek nehi shaid onhy koi jaan lewa bimari he or vo hospital me admit he or hum dekhty he k Arthur ( joker) bar bar hospital me jata he 

jaha osy apni bimari k bary me pta chlta he k vo pagal ho reha he or ek scene me hum dekhty he k Arthur ( joker) phone booth me call sun reha or phone booth k Mirror me apna sir Mar k osy tor deta he shaid osy hospital se apni maa k bary me koi bad news mili he or ab Arthur (joker) ko smjh nehi a reha k vo Royy ya hassy ab vo train me betha hass reha he or ek joker ko hassty hoy dekh ker kuch  bad people osy marna shoro ker dety he 

or yehi vo time he jaha Arthur joker bunna shoro hota he yani vo pora pagal ho reha he   ek criminal joker shaid os n in logo ko train sy  sehi slamat utarny Na dia ho or joker ab kuch essa kerta he k vo mashoor ho jata he or ab vo wanted b ho chuka he Ku k trailer me hum dekhty he k joker ke pichy police lagi hoi he lekin vo osy nehi pakr pati shaid joker election me hissa leta he or

Mr.thomas  Wayne Jo k Bros wean yani Batman k father he k hilaf election me hissa leta  he or thomas Wayne ke baato ke bjiy log joker ke baato me zada interested he ab Arthur pori terha joker bn reha he is se moral yehi Niklta he k joker ko bnany Waly Gotham city k he log he jinho n Arthur k sath esa behaviour rkha k vo criminal bn gia yeh tha humara viewpoint egr ap ko lgta he k hum kuch miss ker giy he to humy comment ker k btiy wesy yeh joker movie DC Universe k joker se bilkul  alag he. 

joker movie review
joker movie review

Original Storyline: 

joker story, An original standalone origin story of the iconic on the big screen, it's a gritty character study of Arthur Fleck (joker), a man by society, and a broader cautionary tale. disregarded -Warner Bros.

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Gener: Action &Adventure,drama,Mystery & suspense 

Awards: 2 wins & 1nomin

Directed by: Todd fillips

Written by: Todd fillips, Scott silver 

Leads Actor: Joaquin phoenix

Music by: Hildur Guònadóttir

Release date: 4 October 2019

Language: English 

Playtime: 122 minute

Present: Warner Bros pictures